CS Tapestry Wiki

This is a wiki page for participants in the various Tapestry workshops. See also the main tapestry page for application to future workshops and archives of past presentations.

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Several individual workshops have their own resources page:

Location Year Site
California 2014 resources
Virginia 2014 resources
Illinois 2013 agenda
Oklahoma 2013 agenda
Florida 2013 resources page
Indiana 2013 agenda
Virginia 2013 agenda
Minnesota 2012 resources page
Michigan 2012 resources page
Nebraska 2012 (this wiki)
North Carolina 2012 links page
Pennsylvania 2012 resources page
Virginia 2012 agenda with links

Initial material

As the various workshops proceed, Luther is placing resources (mostly links) into categories based on their origin with limited topical organization internally.

Slides and other resources provided as part of Tapestry presentations

Resources suggested by speakers and participants

Recruiting, promoting, and classroom management ideas

Organized material

Eventually we hope to have all material organized by topic and purpose instead of origin. The following are a few of the pages we are building for that purpose. They will eventually all be linked up in some reasonable structure.

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