Computational Thinking

A new model of introductory-level CS education (in high school and college) emphasizes the elements of computer science that aren't jsut programming. There is a proposed AP CS Principles course (slated for release in 2016), a course called the Beauty and Joy of Computing, courses called Exploring Computer Science, all with the same basic structure; the distinction between them is still evolving.

Talks from Tapestry Workshops

Speaker Tile Workshop Material
Barnes, Tiffany The New CS AP Exam North Carolina 2012 Slides (pdf)
Barnes' 2011 course (moodle)
Drobnis, Ann Computer Science: What's going on and what we still need to do Nebraska 2012 Slides (pptx)
Griffin, Jean CS Principles Course Pennsylvania 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Learning Objectives (pdf)
Harrison, John The New AP Virginia 2011 Slides (pptx)
Kosa, Martha AP CS Principles Overview Tennessee 2011 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Code (zip)
Mayfield, Chris Computational thinking Virginia 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Other resources (html)

Seth Reichelson also mentioned his pilot CS-P course in several 2013 workshops; his draft curriculum is available (docx).

External Resources


These classes typically involve a small programming element; Block-based languages are a common choice

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