Mentoring is one of the most versatile ways to overcome all forms of obstacles.

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There are at least three kinds of mentors.

  • One-to-many, one industry mentor and a group of mentees. There is the least evidence that this works (compared to other kinds of mentoring).
  • One-to-one, one industry mentor and one mentee. A single one-on-one mentor may have several mentees, but meets with and knows each individually.
  • Peer-to-peer, an older student mentoring a younger student. It is unusually for a single “big sister” mentor to have more than one or two “little sister” mentees.

Angela Spyropoulos gives each mentee both a corporate mentor (one-to-one) and a big sister (peer-to-peer).

In general, it is more effective for a teacher to match a student with a third party mentor than to have the teacher also try to fill the mentor role.

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