Robots have a strong attraction, though to whom depends on the design and use of the robots.

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Jurist, Mel Using Pico Boards with Scratch Delaware 2011 Slides (pptx)
Sharris, Antigone Turning GADgETs into Enrollment Illinois 2013 Slides (pdf)

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There are many robots I don't know about and I have limited knowledge of those I do know about. Please expand this section.

  • Finch robots are simple, versatile, and inexpensive and can be programmed in many languages.
  • Lego Mindstorms are extensible but require some tinkering, and are particularly good for engineering students.
  • LilyPad Arduino makes wearable computing.
  • Pico Crickets are designed to be integrated into other devices.
  • Pleo robots are cute and appeal well to children and girls.
  • Botball has kits based on the iRobot create with metal parts and legos; intended for the botball competition but useable elsewhere too.
  • FIRST robotics leagues. Hosts competitions with 6-week prep time.
  • Waterbotics
  • SeaPerch


Robots have a non-trivial startup cost. It is often possible to get funds for a few by asking local companies to donate money or from micro-grants, such as Donors Choose.

At present, the state of research shows that robots are engaging but not a good basis for a curriculum. It can work well to have the students use the robots for a purpose, such as having high school students bring robots to elementary schools as educational units.

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