Slides and Handouts from Talks
Speaker Tile Workshop Material
Achenbach, Gretchen Resources Virginia 2015 Slides (pdf)
Adams, Joel Visual Programming in CSTA K-12 Curricula Michigan 2012 Slides (ppt)
CS4FN (html)
Atlas, James Paired Programming Delaware 2011 Slides (pptx)
Exercise (docx)
Barker, Lecia Keynote North Carolina 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Barnes, Tiffany The New CS AP Exam North Carolina 2012 Slides (pdf)
Barnes' 2011 course (moodle)
Brady, Fran AP Computer Science Illinois 2013 Slides (pptx)
Charters, Cristy Visual Programming Languages Florida 2013 Slides (pdf)
Chintron, Leslie Active Recruiting Virginia 2016 Slides (pptx)
Chiu, Jennifer Inclusive Pedagogy Virginia 2016 Slides (pdf)
Chu-Carroll, Jennifer The Brains behind Watson Delaware 2011 Slides (pptx)
Cohoon, Jim and Joanne Introduction Virginia 2013 Slides (ppt) Slides (pdf)
Cohoon, Jim Why CS, Why Diversity Illinois 2013 Slides (pdf)
Cohoon, Jim Welcome Virginia 2016 Slides (pdf)
Cohoon, Jim Chrestomathics — rethinking CS1 Various 2013 VA: Slides (ppt) Slides (pdf)
IL: Slides (pdf)
Course material (html)
Cohoon, Jim Chrestomathics — rethinking CS1 Various 2012 VA: Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
PA: Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Spring CS 1112 Assignments and Examples (html)
Cohoon, Joanne McGrath Active Recruiting Florida 2013 Slides (pptx)
Cohoon, Joanne McGrath Active recruiting Various 2012 VA: Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
NC: Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
MI: Slides (pptx)
MN: Slides (pptx)
Slides to Share (pptx)
Cohoon, Joanne McGrath Gender and Computing Virginia 2013 Slides (ppt) Slides (pdf)
Handouts (ppt) Handouts (pdf)
Cohoon, Joanne McGrath Gender and computing Various 2012 VA: Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
NC: Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
MI: Slides (pptx)
MN: Slides (pptx)
Cohoon, Joanne McGrath Pedagogy Florida 2013 Slides (pptx)
Cuny, Jan Keynote Delaware 2011 Slides (pptx)
Davidson, Jack Secrets, lies, and digital threats Virginia 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
DeLyser, Leigh Ann Inclusive Pedagogy Virginia 2015 [l/ocal—files/slides/DeLyser-InclusivePedagogy.pptx Slides (pptx)]
Dillon, Laurie Welcome Michigan 2012 Slides (pdf)
Dovi, Rebecca Opportunties Virginia 2012 Slides (ppt) Slides (pdf)
Drobnis, Ann Computer Science: What's going on and what we still need to do Nebraska 2012 NE: Slides (pptx)
MI: Slides (pptx)
Feldon, David Cognitive bandwidth and learning Virginia 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
“Why Magic Bullets Don’t Work” (html)
Forbes, Jeff Current Conditions and Need for Computing in High School Minnestoa 2012 Slides (pptx)
Gordon, Joshua Emerging Scholars Program Pennsylvania 2012 web page
Griffin, Jean CS Principles Course Pennsylvania 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Learning Objectives (pdf)
Guzdial, Mark Creasting Computer Science for All Students Tennessee 2011 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Hagaman, Melody Success Virginia 2016 Slides (pdf)
Harrison, John The New AP Virginia 2011 Slides (pptx)
Heckman, Sarah Paired Programming Virginia 2012/2015 Slides 2012 (pptx) Slides 2012 (pdf) Slides 2015 (pptx)
Hoffman, Kelly M Inoculating against Stereotype Threat Virginia 2015 Slides (pdf) cited papers (zip)
Horwitz, Susan Using Peer-Led Team Learning to Increase Participation and Success of Under-Represented Groups in Introductory Computer Science Michigan 2012 Slides (ppt)
Debit Cards
String Game and Cards
Irvine, Kip and Davis, Debra Welcome Florida 2013 Slides (pdf)
Irvine, Kip Available Resources Florida 2013 Slides (pdf) Slides (pptx)
Johnson, Wendy Avida-ED in the Classroom Michigan 2012 Lesson Plans (html)
Jones, Laura R. GEMS clubs Illinois 2013 GEMS (pptx)
Jones, Laura R. The Importance of Developing Spatial Skills for Success in CS Various 2013 Slides (pptx) Resources (docx)
Jurist, Mel Using Pico Boards with Scratch Delaware 2011 Slides (pptx)
Keller, Leslie Teaching with Mobile Devices North Carolina 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Kesselman, Lynne (note taker) Brainstorming Pennsylvania 2012 Notes (pdf)
Kosa, Martha AP CS Principles Overview Tennessee 2011 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Code (zip)
Krauss, Jane Counselors for Computing Virginia 2015 slides (ppt)
Lambert, Lynn CS Unplugged Various 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Lawrence, Selwyn Success story Virginia 2015 Slides (pptx)
Luciano, Robert Logic groups Various 2009–2013 Handout (zip)
Writeup (doc)
Maps, pulleys, and switches (pdf)
Marvels, Lisa Morse Code to Gigabit Ethernet Delaware 2011 Slides (ppt)
Mayfield, Chris Computational thinking Virginia 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Other resources (html)
Minich, Curt App Inventor Pennsylvania 2012 Google doc
Newcombe, Nora Spatial Skills and Success in STEM Pennsylvania 2012 Slides (pdf)
Patel, Nilesh Mobile Applications Michigan 2012 Slides (pdf)
Pennock Robert Avida-ED Michigan 2012 Avida-ED (html)
Portnoff, Scott Teaching HS CS as if the Rest of the World Existed Tennessee 2011 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Powell, Rita Stereotype Threats Pennsylvania 2012 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Reichelson, Seth Recruiting Various 2012 VA/PA: Slides (ppt) Slides (pdf)
NC/NE/MI/MN: Slides (ppt) Slides (pdf)
video (zip)
Reichelson, Seth Creative Projects Various 2012 NC/NE/MN: AP Question (doc)
Codingbat Writeup (doc)
First week assignment handout (doc)
Schaffer, Henry VCL (Clouds) in High Schools North Carolina 2012 Non-Slides (html) (local copy)
Siraj, Ambareen Teaching ALL! Tennessee 2011 Slides (pptx) Slides (pdf)
Sharris, Antigone Turning GADgETs into Enrollment Illinois 2013 Slides (pdf)
Sherriff, Mark Paired Programming Virginia 2011 Slides (ppt)
Sherriff, Mark Paired Programming Virginia 2016 Slides (pdf)
Stephenson, Chris CSTA, K-12 ACM Curriculum, Advocacy Delaware 2011 Slides (ppt)
Spyropoulos, Angela Women in Technology Mentoring Program Illinois 2013 Slides (ppt)
Website of Moraine Valley mentoring program
Website about starting a mentoring program
Taufer, Michela Helping Scince in the Cloud Delaware 2011 Slides (pptx)
Tra, Dan Success Virginia 2015 Slides (pptx)
Tychonievich, Luther Alternative CS1 / Chrestomathics Various 2012, 2015 NE/MI: Slides (pdf)
MN/VA: Slides (pdf)
Tychonievich, Luther Gender and Computing Virginia 2015 Slides (pptx)
Tychonievich, Luther Pair Programming Illinois 2013 Slides (pdf)
Tychonievich, Luther Pedagogy North Carolina 2014 Slides (pptx)
Tychonievich, Luther Recruiting North Carolina 2014 Slides (pptx)
Tychonievich, Luther Spatial Reasoning Virginia 2014/2015 Slides (pdf)
Tychonievich, Luther Theory, Swarms, and Students Virginia 2012 Handout (pdf) Slides (pdf)
Vieira Mejia, Camilo Cognitive Load, Pair Programming, etc. Indiana 2013 Slides (google)
Examples (google)
Waas, William R. Illinois Technology Foundation Illinois 2013 Slides (ppt)
Warner, Linda Pair Programming Florida 2013 Slides (ppt)
Williams, Laurie Pair Programming North Carolina 2012 Slides (pdf)
Web site
Young, R. Michael Gaming North Carolina 2012 Slides (pdf)
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