Web Development Environments

There is a growing move to create zero-install web-based development environments. Below is Luther's attempt to stay current in this field.

Site Languages Cost Notes
Blockly Blockly Free see block-based-languages. Project appears to have stagnated.
CodeEnvy Java 6, HTML, Python Free Currently fully public. An academic plan with restricted visibility is supposed to be released soon.
Codepad C, PHP, Python Free Just a compiler, not a full development environment.
CodeRun Studio C#, PHP, HTML Free Private by default.
Codiad Most Free You may install it on your own server. Some options (e.g. how to create a file) not obvious.
Codio Most (web-focus) Free Has a command-line interface and notion of "boxes" that run code as well as IDE features.
Compile Online Everything Free I couldn't save my work.
Compilr Most $10-100/month 30% off for educational use.
Cloud 9 Most Free or $12/month Free plan plenty for student use.
IDE One Everything Free Fully public.
Koding Everything Free Focussed on professional developers, with a full *nix command line and built-in public discussion board. Educational options added in Fall 2013.
Scratch 2.0 Scratch Free see Block-based Languages.
ShiftEdit Most Free for students; $60/year Also works offline with Chrome.
╬╗Snap! ╬╗Snap! Free see Block-based Languages.
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